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Circles and Spirals in Time


Labyrinths New Zealand has evolved over several iterations to serve the labyrinth community and support those who are interested in labyrinths in New Zealand.


The first website, "", was set up as a community resource for labyrinths in New Zealand. The person behind it was Jan Blythe, who at that time lived (with a labyrinth) in Castle Hill Village on South Island.


Heather McLeod and Tony Bridge were the next guardians of the website and holders of the labyrinth energy. They met at a labyrinth in Lemoenshoek in the Little Karoo in South Africa. Tony had come from New Zealand to learn from the builder and care-taker of that labyrinth, while Heather lived nearby at the time, walking the labyrinth on full moon nights. They were married a year later in a ceremony in the same labyrinth.


Heather moved to New Zealand and they were based in Hanmer Springs on South Island.

Heather had been a regular visitor to the original website - but then it disappeared. She eventually tracked down Jan in Nelson. The labyrinth at Castle Hill was no more and Jan had moved on, concentrating on her web and design business, Avoca Design.


Heather took over the material on the website from Jan, which at that stage covered ten labyrinths. From the World-Wide Labyrinth Locator, run by Jeff Saward, Heather knew there were 18 labyrinths listed but the lists did not overlap. She then built this new site, using Jan's lovingly collected material where her and Tony had not yet visited a labyrinth, and adding new material where they had.  Jeff provided a great deal of assistance on finding labyrinths and old mazes and Heather in turn told him about new ones. Tony was a professional photographer and they enjoyed travelling to visit the labyrinths and making images when they could.


Heather trained as a labyrinth facilitator through Veriditas with Lauren Artress of Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, in 2011. In late 2012, Tony also attended the facilitator training with Lauren and took over much of the speaking when they exhibited at esoteric festivals on South Island. Heather and Tony would either take their portable canvas labyrinth, made by John Ridder of Paxworks, or draw a temporary one in chalk for the festival. Heather became the New Zealand Regional Representative for Veriditas in May 2012 and for The Labyrinth Society in August 2012.


The website was always a work in progress as new labyrinths were added and others faded. Communication methods changed too. A Facebook page for Labyrinths New Zealand was established in January 2012 and took over from email as the way in which the labyrinth community shared events and new labyrinths. Partnerships change too, and Heather and Tony parted formally in 2017.  


In January of 2017, Heather met Anne and Glenn Conroy at a labyrinth building workshop with Lars Howlett in Sydney. Anne and Glenn become Veriditas labyrinth faciltators and began to use labyrinths actively in their work. In July 2017, Anne and Glenn joined Heather in running Labyrinths New Zealand.


If you have or know of any labyrinth in New Zealand that we haven't yet added, please be in touch.


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