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Labyrinth at Saint Columba Church,

Grey Lynn, Auckland

The Anglican church of Saint Columba was built in 1930 to replace the original church that had served the parish since 1909. The church is built of brick with a tiled roof in the Victorian Gothic style, with a wooden tower and copper canopy.


The labyrinth is located at the west end of the church and is surrounded by gardens. The labyrinth is always open as it is in a public area adjacent to the church. All are welcome.


The labyrinth is based on the Chartres design and painted in swirling blues, greens and browns to reflect the colours of the South Pacific. It was designed by John Allen and installed by the St.Columba Labyrinth creation team in 2004-2005. It is made of painted concrete and is 13 metres in diameter.


This labyrinth is a haven of quiet in an urban environemnt. We have walked it twice and on the occasion we took the photographs it had been drizzling. The labyrinth  seemed as if it was underwater and the paint, faded in patches under the trees, came alive with a new vibrance. The sense of connection to the waters of the South Pacific makes this labyrinth a joy to walk with the patterns changing at every step.

St. Columba Church Labyrinth

Physical Address:

92 Surrey Crescent

Grey Lynn

Auckland 1002

North Island

New Zealand


Availability: Always open


Phone: +64 9 376 4229





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