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Avoca House Labyrinth for Peace at Castle Hill


Made from stones collected mainly from the South Island rivers, this labyrinth is styled from a picture of a labyrinth on an angel in Watts Chapel, Compton, Surrey, UK.

This labyrinth was built as my response to September 11th when I suddenly realised that peace in my world begins with me; that I can be the difference that makes a difference and work towards world peace by learning to hold peace in my own heart.

Walkable Handpainted Silk Portable Labyrinths

a "sole to soul" experience

Silk labyrinth_walkwater14b

With a passion for colour on silk and for labyrinths it was a natural extension for me to start painting fabric ones. Bringing colour to the labyrinth has bought a whole new dimension, both in terms of logistics (3x3m is a large surface to work with) and in terms of walking the finished labyrinth. For me, walking these labyrinths has a physical effect on my body. I can feel the colour and the labyrinth working my energy system, re-aligning me.

At the moment I am painting two different labyrinths, one in water colours, the other, fire colours. I am in the process of finding words for them. To me, the two sets of colours I am painting represent the ancestral memories of water (blues, turquoise and violet) and the ancestral memories of fire (gold, oranges and reds).

Avoca labyrinths_silk_fire7

Getting there ...

Physical Address:

Avoca House NZ, the company, moved to Nelson.

Availability: The labyrinth at Castle Hill is no longer available.

Contact: Jan Blythe


Walking the Margins

"One step at a time
that's all I need to know.
One foot after the other,
that's all I need to do.
that I am enough as I AM."

from 'Walking the Margins'
Jan Blythe

Silk taniwha_1b
Silk labyrinth_water1s
Silk labyrinth_fire12b

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