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Labyrinth on Ninety Mile Beach, Northland

Ninety Mile Beach

Sun and blue skies ahead, rain clouds behind us and a pristine stretch of beach. The thought came to both of us simultaneously - it needed a labyrinth.

The easiest labyrinths to make in the sand are classical labyrinths. They are easy to draw freehand from a simple seed pattern.

These images show us creating a labyrinth on Ninety Mile Beach in November 2012. Heather began with the seed pattern, using a trekking pole we had in the vehicle. Tony then continued to draw the outer paths as Heather took over the camera.

Ninety Mile Beach - Heather 1
Ninety Mile Beach - 2
Ninety Mile Bead - Tony 3
Ninety Mile Beach - Tony 4
Ninety Mile Beach - Heather 5

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Animation of drawing a Classical labyrinth from a seed pattern

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