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Sacred Sites, Energy Centres and Ley Lines

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"There are many sacred sites throughout New Zealand. Some are better known than others. But all are emerging into greater prominence as the New Earth brings forth all her secrets. Of course all land is sacred but you can sense any of these places by the energy you feel when you enter their vicinity. You get a sense of power, a clarity in the atmosphere, and in your vision, a sense of stillness, awe, peace, and expansion of consciousness.

These places are energy centres. Some sit on junction points on either the inner earth grid or on the field grid encompassing the Earth. Some are chakra points (energy vortices), in the same way we have them in our own body field and form. For example, the head chakra is at Cape Reinga, the heart chakra is near Lake Taupo and the sacral chakra at Mt Cook. Some of these energy vortices move in a clockwise direction giving a sense of expansion, and some move in an anticlockwise direction, giving a pulling sensation which is very often uncomfortable and very disconcerting to be in unless you have lived in that area for a time, and/or you need that kind of energy for your own balancing and orientaion with the polarities of Earth.

Most sites are marked by some distinctive land formation like mountains, prominant hills, lakes, valleys, waterfalls, or rock formations. Only a very few have ever had buildings or human demarcation, unlike in other countries, though the Māori, and other much earlier travellers have known of them."


Book: In Search of the Southern Serpent

"Have you heard of the power of place? Are you keen to know about major earth energy centres in New Zealand and learn about our ley lines? What makes some places so special they were seen as sacred by the ancestors?"

Martin Gray's Sacred Sites Bibliography

"During two decades of researching, visiting and writing about pilgrimage traditions and sacred places I have consulted more than 2000 sources of textual information; including books, journal articles, and Ph.D. dissertations. The following two bibliographies contain what I consider to be the best of that material. This extensive list has been provided for those who are interested in exploring pilgrimage, sacred sites and related studies in more depth and detail."

~ Martin Gray

Martin Gray's Bibliography on New Zealand

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Long ley line from Castle Hill to Santiago de Compostella

Freddy Silva speaks of a long ley line stretching from Castle Hill in New Zealand, through Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia, Borobudur in Java, Indonesia. If the line is extended through Asia, the Ukraine and central Europe it eventually arrives at Santiago de Compostella.

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