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Photos supplied by
Jenny Lomas

Equine Rehabilitation System Labyrinth

Equine Use 1

Construction of the seven-circuit classical labyrinth for horses

Jenny Lomas has kindly allowed us to share the material from her website. Jenny writes:

In February 2003 I received a very special gift.

After the completion of the annual Kinetic Equestrian Training Clinic held at our property Ian Stevenson suggested that to help complete the type of equestrian training that was evolving here it would be beneficial to have the addition of a horse sized labyrinth.

The dilemma I had was where to put a labyrinth and how to keep it functional without losing precious grazing. Most large labyrinths are grass with a mown strip that marks out the circuit. As already mentioned I could not afford to lose any area of pasture and certainly didn’t need the extra work of mowing a labyrinth each week.

The only feasible solution was to partially dig in the cherry wood logs that had been cut down two years previously when the arena went in, to mark out each circuit of the labyrinth. No loss of grazing, no mowing, happiness all round.

So with Ian dousing, the help of some friends and of course Ian telling us where to place pegs and tape, his idea became a reality.
Thanks Ian. The horses, my family and I and everyone that has so far ridden or walked it, loves our labyrinth.

Photos below from top left:
1. Ian Stevenson, facing, dousing out the first aspect of the labyrinth
2. Outer and inner circuits marked out.
3. Addition of the 'spine.'
4. All seven circuits doused, pegged and marked with tape.


The tape was later replaced with wooden logs.

Equine Use 6

More on this work with horses ....

Jenny Lomas

Equine Rehabilitation System

HOOFNZ Instructor
Natural Hoof Care Practitioner


Ian Stevenson

Book by Ian Stevenson: "Riding from the Heart"

Jenny wrote in 2012:

Unfortunately though the large willow tree near the labyrinth fell on it in a storm some years ago. We had a lot of damage around the place and it took a very long time to get that area cleared ...
As a result the labyrinth is no longer there.

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