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The Labyrinth of Spring Farm, Geraldine

The design for this outdoor grass labyrinth in Geraldine was developed by Martin Rusholme.


"Well the sad news is that the Labyrinth at Labyrinth Springs no longer exists as a physical creation.


It does however still exist as an energy form and continues to enhance the area to this day........


In due course there will be cast in bronze versions (and maybe other materials) suitable for wall hangings or as Finger Labyrinths, particularly good set in tables methinks.   The beauty of a finger Labyrinth is that it can be "walked", so to speak, with a finger tip and similar results can be experienced to actually walking it, mileage will vary on this aspect but at the very least it can be extremely calming, hypnotic just looking at the pattern......


Feel free to contact me about them..... I want the design to continue being of assistance."


~ Martin Rusholme




"It is the experience of the walk itself that gives us the clues as to why these forms have been around for such a long time.

Much meaning and significance can be attributed to any particular design, but ultimately it is down to you.

Maybe you should find a Labyrinth and walk it, gain a sense of their magic.

 Otherwise all this is just words.


This particular design is new to the world and incorporates one of the most basic, yet potent forms we choose to identify with, the spiral. Continuous movement in and through, bi-directional,  life,  death,  re-birth.


 In this case it is also representative of the large energy spirals / forms present at

 Labyrinth Springs,  energies strong enough to break dowsing sticks.


Above all,  I take it as a symbol of the inter-action between ALL THAT IS.

 The ebbs an flows of creation that we call our lives.

 To my perception Labyrinths benefits all who walk them,

 be it in subtle ways or stunningly in your face as some have found.


  It was extraordinarily easy to create in a sense, despite a degree of mowing tedium.  It was like I had already made it,

the design just flowed out, even allowing for my tendency to fiddle and adjust.

 It feels like I have done it before, nothing like a bit of added mystery to something."

Spring Farm Labyrinth

Physical Address: 

The labyrinth used to be at

170 Silverton Road


South Canterbury 8751

New Zealand



Availability: No longer there


Phone: none





Martin Rusholme

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