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Grimmer Scary Tales and CornEvil

Mad hatter

Each of the Amazing Maze ‘n Maize mazes also have an R16 horror maze.

CornEvil operates in each area until the end of April each year and features actors dressed to represent your worst nightmare lying in wait for unsuspecting victims.

The Bay of Plenty Amazing Maze ‘n Maize also has the Grimmer Scary Tales Maze – especially for children and brave adults – featuring Ghoul-dilocks, Creeping Beauty, Little Dead Riding Hood ...

Images right and below ...

Grimmer Scary Tales Big Bad Wolf

CornEvil Haunted Horror Maze

Our terror-actors will be dressed up, made up, and desperate to scare the yell out of you. They come out crawling, moaning, groaning, screaming or exploding with chainsaws running. Whatever it takes to creep you out or freak you out they will be doing it.

CornEvil is very strictly R16 meaning if you do not have ID there will be no entry. It is not for the faint hearted and CornEvil is definitely not open for children.

The first groups of victims will be allowed into CornEvil from dark, or 8pm (depending on daylight saving). There are continuous briefings and entries until 10:00 pm. CornEvil closes when all the victims have found their way out or have pleaded for mercy, which ever comes first.

Images below ...

midnight slasher

Getting there ...

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R16 Film Classification...

"To be restricted, a film must deal with matters such as sex, horror, crime, cruelty, violence or offensive language. The most common restrictions are R13, R16, and R18."
"Restrictions mean that only those who are of, or are over, the age of the restriction can be shown the film."

"This is a legal requirement, and schools could be prosecuted if it is breached. A teacher showing an R16 film to students under the age of 16 could face fines of up to $10,000 or be imprisoned for up to three months. The school could also be considered liable, in which case the fines could be up to $25,000."

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