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Labyrinth Inspiration

Is there such a thing as a "former labyrinth"?


The people who build them think not. Martin Rusholme said this about his labyrinth in Geraldine: ""Well the sad news is that the Labyrinth at Labyrinth Springs no longer exists as a physical creation. It does however still exist as an energy form and continues to enhance the area to this day........"


In the course of building this site and checking with labyrinth guardians, we have come across several that are no longer in the physical form (labyrinths that is, not the guardians). Some of the stories and images are too good to consign to an electronic wastebin.


Instead, we have collected the stories of their inspration and building, how they were used for ceremonies and the joy that people had making and sharing them.


Linda Duff said "it is part of their magic that some come and go (not sure they really go) and others stay".  


Labyrinth art works and crafts are a feature in some places where labyrinths exist. We show what people in New Zealand have done in various forms.  


Beach labyrinths are naturally also in this "temporary" category. Please send us your photographs whenever you make one.  

Temporary and former labyrinths

Stories about building and using labyrinths

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With thanks to Jenny and Meg for this image