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Duff House Labyrinth, Mosgiel, near Dunedin

The Labyrinth was on Riccarton Rd, Mosgiel, near Dunedin, and was built by Linda and David Duff during the time they lived there.


The labyrinth was an 11-circuit design, like the one in Chartres Cathedral.  It measured 12 metres in diameter, had a six-petalled rose at the centre and lunations around the outside.  It was located in a secluded part of the garden. The pathway was turf; between the paths was river gravel. The labyrinth was oriented to the sunrise on the summer solstice with the intention of creating balance between the "feminine" earth energy and "masculine" sun energy when they are at their peak.  The six-petalled rose at the centre may represent the mineral, vegetable, animal, human, angelic and unknown elements, or/and the symbolic union of masculine and feminine from the hexagram.


On leaving the property, Linda Duff wrote:

"The labyrinth has been a powerful presence in our lives and brought delight and joy to many - especially on the summer solstice when we had big gatherings of like-hearted people who walked the labyrinth en masse as a celebration of life at its fullest!  With music, drummers, fire-dancers, poets, goddesses...fabulous, followed by a feast, all raising money for charity.  Many came at quiet times and walked it in meditation in the quiet surroundings."



Building and Dedicating this Labyrinth


Linda Duff wrote: "A friend lent me [the book by Lauren Artress] 'Walking the Sacred Path'.  As soon as I opened the front cover and saw the plan of the Chartres Labyrinth I just knew that I was to create one on the beautiful land we had just moved onto.  A group of women friends were with me as we divined where the labyrinth should be sited. It was clear to us all that the place was a quiet spot surrounded by mature trees and high hedges.  We marked where the centre was to be with bricks. Ten days later when I came back, grass grub had eaten the grass in a perfect circle several metres to the left of our bricks.  I took it as a sign that 'the grass grub have spoken' and moved the centre.  


An engineer friend took on the project of researching the labyrinth construction and dimensions, laid it our for me and helped me peg it out, then sprayed the path outlines with sports ground paint.  I then had to dig out the space between the paths before the grass grew and the paint lines were lost!  The ground was soft and the digging was easy..not a single stone.  The labyrinth was aligned for the summer solstice as a celebration of life, sun and earth, at the peak of its powers.  


We had an opening ceremony and put out an invitation to anyone who wanted to participate, about 80 people came.  A celebrant led the ceremony.  We dug a small hole in the centre of the labyrinth and gave everyone rose petals to represent their intentions for the labyrinth and then we all walked it together, drummed in and out by local women shaman.  We all put our rose petals into the hole in the centre which was later filled in.  Our family also put crystals in the hole that had meaning for our family - representing our English, Scots and German/Swiss heritage.  Our daughters released doves at the centre.  It was a magical time.  


So ... Lauren has a special place in my heart for re-introducing many of us to the power and transformational potential of labyrinths.  I also held weekend workshops at the labyrinth."

Physical Address: This property and Labyrinth is in the process of changing hands.


Duff House

Riccarton Road



South Island

New Zealand


Availability: It is not possible to visit the Labyrinth at this time.







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