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The Log House Labyrinth at Motupiko, near Nelson

The Log House is on the main highway, SH6, from Nelson to the West Coast, about 30 minutes from Richmond.


Jim and Sheila Kennard were  the owners of the property and the creators of the labyrinth, built in 2003 to coincide with a celtic wedding ceremony for their son.


The Log House Labyrinth was a classical seven circuit labyrinth built in the garden. It was designed by Jim with help from Sig Lonegren's website and built with the help of friends and family. The labyrinth is 9m diameter and was completed in December 2003.


It appears the property may have been sold in 2010/ 2011.


Physical Address:

429 Main Road

Motupiko RD2


South Island

New Zealand


Availability: Unable to reach new owners.




Phone: +64 3 522 4260





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Log House Labyrinth

We have been unable to get updated information on this labyrinth as yet.


February 2013