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The Gladstone Labyrinth, Wairarapa

The Gladstone Labyrinth has been constructed about 3km south of Gladstone Church and the Gladstone junction. The labyrinth is in a paddock that has been fenced off from livestock and planted with indigenous trees. This is a grass labyrinth: the grasses grow waist high in summer and die back in winter.


Design and construction took place in 2005 and 2006. The design follows the 7-ring classical pattern though with a larger central space than usual. The design was scaled to fit the site and located so that the path would avoid previous plantings. The end result is about 30 metres across.


The labyrinth is in an area fenced off from stock, a short distance from car parking. Please close the gate after you. Wear good footwear as after rain it can be wet. In winter the approach to the labyrinth can be muddy.


A path winds along by a row of plum trees to a pair of low posts. Pass between them to start into the labyrinth. It is best walked singly: groups should leave a gap between individuals as they start. The same narrow path serves for inward and outward journeys.


Please stay on the path. There are no shortcuts or forks. The path sometimes approaches close to the centre before heading away again, but it does get there eventually.


Take it slowly. Quiet your mind, look down at the path you are travelling and become aware of each footstep.

Gladstone Labyrinth

Physical Address:

Kahurangi, Gladstone

1785 Longbush Rd, RD 4

Masterton 5884

North Island

New Zealand


Availability: Call for availability.


Contact: Chris Pinfield and Sue Beauclerc


Phone: +64 6 372 7864





Email Chris and Sue

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