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Porirua Hospital Chapel Labyrinth



Seven circuit Classical style made from concrete and built by Kiwi Kerb under the direction of Noel Tiano. The size is 11 m x 12 m. It is used by hospital patients, whanau, staff, and the community.


Opened on December 16, 2014 and accessible all day, everyday.


The local iwi gifted the chapel with the name “Karakia i te koraha” (Prayer in the Wilderness). Considering the history of the Porirua Hospital it is a fitting tribute to designate this sacred space on campus. We have a Memorial Garden to remember former clients who have passed on and the Labyrinth is a timely addition to encourage service users to reflect upon their journey towards recovery.


This labyrinth walk begins by facing east (new beginnings) and ends by facing west (taking new insights with you).

Some suggestions:

• Focus on the present

• Walk slowly towards the centre and then walk back to where you began

• Reflect on your life journey, inspiration, song or prayer


We encourage everyone to practise mindfulness by focussing on the present instead of ruminating about the past or worrying about the future. Some people prefer praying in the chapel or sitting in meditation. The labyrinth walk adds a spiritual dimension to a mindful outdoor activity . . . to notice the birds, feel the breeze, bathe in the sun/rain, touch the ground and put one foot in front of the other.

Physical Address:

24 Upper Main Drive, Porirua,

North Island

New Zealand


Availability: Anytime, Seven days


Contact: Amy Finik

Noel Tiano


Phone: +64 4 385 5999


Facebook page:

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