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Journey Labyrinth at West Melton, Christchurch

Annette Burrell is an Accredited Journey Practitioner and has built a labyrinth for use by her clients as well as others. The labyrinth is a right-handed seven-circuit classical design, made of bricks sunk into the lawn.


Annette writes:


The labyrinth is modelled on the labyrinth at Mana Retreat Centre, Coromandel, which is modelled on the classical design. I found the directions for making it on the internet  and laid it out in bright blue string which came off the big bales of peastraw which we get for the garden. The directions were for a left directed labyrinth so I tried that first, and then changed it to a right handed direction, like Mana's. then I incorporated the diamond in the centre and added our personal touch in the way of a metal wheel and a solar light.


The labyrinth in situated in a space between trees making it intimate and is best suited to one person at a time. There is a seat there to sit quietly before or after.


Walking the labyrinth is a meditative practice. You can start with a question and allow the stillness to answer. You can walk it barefoot and connect to the earth. When walking the labyrinth you walk the journey of life -round in a circular fashion, sometimes at the outside, sometimes nearer the centre, back and forth until you reach the centre, facing the east again as you were when starting.


Clients come to me for Journeywork. They can walk the labyrinth beforehand to clarify the issue their being wants them to work on, or afterwards to allow the work to integrate.


The Journey is a guided introspection which allows people to discover their beautiful self which is often covered by stuck emotions.


Emotions become stored in the cells of our bodies when we do not freely feel them and let them go. Stuck emotions create negative self-beliefs which limit the possibilities of life. A Journey process allows a person to learn to feel emotions and let them go. There is an opportunity for a younger self to speak out what was unable to be spoken back then, and a chance for forgiveness. Then a person can live life with joy and real happiness.


We do have some other interesting features in our garden that people are welcome to spend time in. There are several seats around the garden. We have a walk in the native trees with objects to comtemplate - Om mani padme hum bunting, buddha, and other natural things, a sunken garden with seats in it, a circle of cabbage trees, a river of stones.



One day retreats: The Inner Path


The Inner Path is a one day retreat for people who wish to deepen in truth. It is a day of focusing inward and also being part of a small group (maximum 6), a day of nurturing oneself, a day of guided meditative activities. A key part of the day is walking the labyrinth.


Please check the website for more details and dates.

Emotional Therapy

Physical Address:

5 Whitewood Crescent

West Melton

South Island

New Zealand


Availability: People are welcome to walk the labyrinth without having an appointment for Emotional Therapy, and wander in the garden for no charge. They need to organise a time with us though.



Contact: Annette Burrell


Phone: +64 3 347 8095





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Annette Burrell

Accredited Journey Practitioner

Certified Conscious Coach

03 347 8095


Step through the doorway into freedom.







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